BrowserCompat API

The Browser Compatibility API will support compatibility data on the Mozilla Developer Network. This currently takes the form of browser compatibility tables, such as the one on the CSS display property page. The API will centralize this data, and allow it to be kept consistent across languages and presentations.

The project started in December 2013. The initial goals and requirements are documented on the MozillaWiki.


The beta v1 API is being served at Alpha users are using the importer to find and fix data issues on MDN. A small number of pages on MDN have been converted to use API-backed compatibility tables. Beta users can view the new tables, and non-beta users see the traditional wiki-backed tables. As the beta is expanded to more pages and more users, the API is changed to handle new use cases. See the issues page for details of planned changes.

The v1 API uses release candidate 1 (RC1) of the JSON API specification, which was released July 2014, but is currently undocumented. See the v1 API docs for details of the API implementation.



Server: (based on mdn/browsercompat-data)

Issues: (tracking bug) (blocking issues for v1)

Dev Docs:

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